Saturday, June 25, 2016

Everything You Know is Wrong!

The Background

Test your backwards IQ in this indie trivia game.  I developed this game in Unity3D with a friend of mine, Don.  We came up with the idea of having a trivia game where you would know all the answers but all of the logic is reversed.  The result is quite fun and is especially challenging in cases where what is being asked is negative.  For example: Don't click on the red circle. 

Filling out questions to tempt the user into a wrong answer was almost as fun as playing the game.  The sliding bar quickly disappears giving the user a sense of urgency and you will make mistakes playing this game.

The Game

What you know won't help you, because every answer you know is wrong.  Some times it's not as easy to answer as you think.

Check out the game and let me know you feedback.  Is it good, does the game annoy you?   Whatever.  Check it out and have some fun with it.