Monday, December 15, 2014

Game Design Bundle - Hours of Training for only $8

Get Hours of Training in Unity and 3D Modeling for an Extremely Low Price

This is such a good deal I figured others may be interested in it.  Over at Slashdot Deals there is a 'name your own price' bundle for some pretty extensive game development courses.  The courses are hosted by Udemy.  If you want to learn about Unity or want to improve your artistic ability this may be the bundle for you - or a good gift for that developer you know.  Make sure to pay the average price (or above) to get the best deal by getting all four courses.  It's not really worth it unless you pay the extra to unlock all the courses.

Get the Game Design Bundle on Slashdot Deals.

Why to the Courses

Professional Video Game Art School - This is the real meat of what I am interested in and if this is the only course I use in the group I will have easily gotten my money's worth.  This is a course on getting 3D fundamentals with 3DS Max.   These skills will be useful, not only for gaming, but to build 3D modeling skills which can be applied to other areas such as 3D printing.  Getting started with anything 3D is a real challenge.  For the eight dollars I paid for this package, this price is a steal and it is highly rated by people who have taken the course.  I'm in.

Unity3D Course - I've taken a lot of Unity tutorials, and most seem to cover the same old ground.  I'm not particularly excited about this course and the reviews haven't been good, but sometimes you can pick up new things that another instructor missed.  I'll probably spend some time going through the second half of this course.

Gamification Course - This class could be interesting and is geared towards taking an existing business (non-game) and making it more fun for the the users by adding game elements.  Not my primary focus, but could be useful on some other projects I am working on.

Photoshop Hand Painted Textures Course - I've always wondered how to be able to make great looking textures to apply to gaming models so I'm looking forward to taking this short class.

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