Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pass a Verified edX.org Entrepreneur Course, Get AWS Credit (now $1500)

2016 Update: Right now you have until October 31, 2016 to sign up for the verified class and the credit has been increased to $1500.  Not a bad deal.

Here are the details on the edX site for the AWS credit.  Even if you've already gotten the credit apparently you can still get $500 up to a total of the $1500.

Take a $50 class and get $1000 AWS credit

Right now, and for a limited time (though I'm not sure how limited) you can take the edX course Entrepreneurship 101 or Entrepreneurship 102 by MITx and you can get $1000 in Amazon Web Services credit.  

My Thoughts

The course costs only $50, so stop being a cheap ass and sign up.  If you are already using AWS, this is a no-brainer.

Take advantage of this offer from edX.





Test that New Startup Idea

I'm already a fan of AWS, so this is an easy decision for me.  If you are not already a customer of AWS, then for a $50 investment and some time in the class, you can use that $1000 to run a decent Linux M3 server for about 18 months.  That's a decent amount of time to get a demo up and running for a new startup.

The classes are by MITx, so expect this class to be of high quality and be ready to put some time in it to pass the class.  I've taken other classes on edX (CS169.1 & 2 - the Berkeley Software as a Service classes) and found it to be an extremely good learning experience and highly recommend it.

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